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Glass Cloche for Mementos

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Since Wonderful Life Farm is all about making memories, I like to offer you some products that enable you to preserve or highlight some of your family's memories. One of my favorite ways to preserve our vacation memento collections is underneath a glass cloche. A hang tag identifies our collection of smooth rocks as from "Cape Cod Family Getaway - Sept. 2014". As well as being a sweet reminder to our family, it becomes an interesting conversation piece when others come into our home. Every summer, I bring our cloche out and stack the rocks beneath it and remember how much fun our family had gathering them and how much fun we had being together that day. This glass cloche and hang tag will enable you to do the same, whether your mementos are: pine cones, sea shells, rocks, dried flowers, family photos, or more.

  • glass dome with glass knob
  • glass base
  • 8"H x 7"W

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