New England Summer

Ice Cream Tubs with Label - Set of 4

Homemade ice cream is one of summer's sweetest delights! But how to store it has always been a challenge. These ice cream tubs are just waiting to be filled with the tastiest of homemade ice creams! Each tub and lid is printed with a summery, madras plaid pattern. And the lid is ready to be personalized with your own homemade ice cream flavor.

  • set of 4 tubs and lids
  • 16 oz.
  • hot/cold tub (can also hold hot food)
  • 4"H x 4"W

These tubs are perfect for a summertime of homemade ice cream...whether that's made with a hand-crank ice cream maker in your backyard, or with the convenience of a modern one in your own kitchen. These would be ideal to have on hand for a homemade ice cream night. You can package up leftovers to send home with family and friends. 

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