Quiet Luxuries

Maine Woods Scented Soy Jar Candle

The Maine Woods soy candle, produced by New England candlemaker Sea Love, has the rare ability to completely transport you to the woods of Maine. If you could bottle the scent of the Maine woods and add a dash of sophistication, this would be it! The all natural, soy candle is earthy and woodsy, without ever being overly masculine. It has complex notes of: cypress leaf, white pine, oak moss, vanilla bean, eucalyptus, and smoke. A delightful aroma to scent winter evenings.

  • 12 oz jar candle
  • approximately 40 hours of burn time
  • all natural soy

A couple of years ago, my husband and I stepped into a charming inn in Maine for a two-day stay. The aroma that wafted through the house and greeted us was positively delightful! "What IS that smell?" I asked. "It smells...it smells...expensive!" It smelled luxurious and heavenly...like it belonged in Maine, but might also be at a high-end restaurant in New York City. I followed my nose and discovered this was the candle that was burning. Love at first scent!

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