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Backyard Game Instructions - Horseshoes

It is a simple truth that games are more fun when you know how to play them. That's why I created this concise instruction booklet to give you just the basics you need to know to play a backyard game of horseshoes. This is the first in a series of instruction booklets (one coming out each summer). Start with this one and add to your collection over the years. Use them with your family and friends, or buy them to stock your family cabin or lake house, or pack them along for family camping trips. The Horseshoes booklet includes: what you will need, a bit about horseshoe pits, set up, where the players stand, before beginning play, beginning play, where they land and what it means, how to count the score, resuming play, who wins, and a section where can record your own backyard matches with date, players, notes, etc.

  • created by Wonderful Life Farm
  • five pages
  • first in a series (others sold separately)

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