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Advent Candle Holders with Candles

These five, glass bottles with candle inserts are a modern twist on a traditional advent wreath. Lighting an advent candle each Sunday of the four weeks leading up to Christmas (and one candle for Christmas Day) can keep your family focused on the story of Christ's birth this Christmas. In the rush of the busy season, it's calming and helps to fix our minds on the the real reason for the season. I found that surrounding the bottles with the simplest of fresh greens created a quick and eye-catching centerpiece. It's a great family tradition to begin, or to rediscover.

  • includes: 5 bottles (one tall, two medium, two small) and 5 candles
  • glass with bronze candle holder inserts

There are many online guides to celebrating advent which include lighting the candle, reading a passage from the Bible, and maybe singing a Christmas hymn. When our children were young, it was often unrealistic to do something meaningful on a daily basis in the busy month of December. But once a week, on a quieter Sunday, it's a respite from the busy schedules to focus on the Christmas story.

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