Aged Brass Candlesticks - Mismatched Set of 5

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Nothing makes a dinner feel more special than candlelight. The soft glow of candlelight makes the whole room feel cozy. And it makes everyone feel that you went the extra mile to make them feel welcomed. This set of five, mismatched, aged brass candlesticks looks as though they've been passed down with love through the generations. Their classic lines, and heavy weight speak of time and tradition, yet their mismatched nature keeps them a bit modern. Each candlestick was found in a New England antique store and is vintage/antique.

  • set of 5, mismatched candlesticks
  • aged brass
  • sturdy and heavy
  • five candlesticks will be randomly chosen for you...all equally lovely
  • they may range in height from 4" to 9"

I've always admired this look of mismatched candlesticks, but quietly thought...whose got time to gather ones that all work together? But I've done that work for you! This set is an instant, cozy lighting solution to your Thanksgiving table. Equally lovely grouped on a corner table or used everyday.

I love wandering the scenic back roads of New England and searching for treasures at antique shops along the way. All vintage/antique offerings in Wonderful Life Farm are high quality, and have to meet my standards for antiques...beautiful AND usable. Each piece comes with a little tag attached telling you a bit about the piece and how I came to find it, because every piece has a story.

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