Antique Classic Silver Serving Spoons - Set of 3

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I'm absolutely thrilled to offer you my favorite serving spoons. I snatch these perfectly classic, heavy-weight silver serving spoons up whenever I can find them. A set of three includes two that match and one that is similar, because variety is the spice of life and too matchy-matchy is boring. I have found these to be the ideal size for generous helpings of mashed potatoes and of stuffing at holiday meals. You will fall in love with them!

  • one set of three spoons (two match, one is similar)
  • antique
  • condition: excellent
  • dimensions: two spoons are 8 1/2"L and one spoon is 8"L
  • hand wash

My own serving spoon collection (nearly identical to these) started when I found a small stack of them on an antique store on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. What a treasure! I fell absolutely in love. They are the best!

I love wandering the scenic back roads of New England and searching for treasures at antique shops along the way. All vintage/antique offerings in Wonderful Life Farm are high quality, and have to meet my standards for antiques...beautiful AND usable. Each piece comes with a little tag attached telling you a bit about the piece and how I came to find it, because every piece has a story.

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