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Blank Gratitude Table Cards with Ribbons for Thanksgiving

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These blank, Thanksgiving gratitude cards have a beautifully autumnal, foliage graphic printed on thick, 25% cotton, ivory colored cardstock. Each card in the six-pack package is hole-punched at the top, and a 100% organic, cotton taffeta ribbon is included, so they can be tied around the napkin at each place setting.

These blank gratitude table cards can be used in any way you decide is best for your family. Here are some ideas:

  • They can be used to write out a gratitude message specifically for each person and placed at their spot around the table.
  • Everyone can write out a gratitude message for another person at the table and read it aloud, or quietly pass it to the person.
  • Each one could have a conversation starter, or a question to get people talking (especially good if not everyone is well-acquainted with each other).
  • Or maybe a different Thanksgiving joke on each one is more in keeping with your family or friends.

Coordinating placecards, word search cards for kids, and small pencils sold separately.

  • sold in a package of 6
  • 4 1/4" square
  • graphic is printed on card
  • message area is blank
  • printed on 25% cotton cardstock for a touch of luxury
  • ribbon is 100% organic cotton; natural color

I can imagine these gratitude cards might become a little keepsake tucked into a drawer or book after the day is over.

You'll enjoy playing with this ribbon. It's fiber content makes it quite pliable, and even though it's soft cotton, it can be bent and formed to hold its shape.

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