Bulb Forcing Vase

A bulb-forcing vase is a great way to bring nature indoors! Children will find this fascinating, as together you watch the growth of the bulb. It's a rare chance for them to observe roots actually growing, so they understand a bit more what happens with them underground. Each day, you can watch the roots grow longer. And then, when the roots are done growing, the bulb will begin to swell and sprout and eventually flower! A great gift for gardeners too!

  • glass bulb forcing vase
  • holds one bulb (PLEASE NOTE: bulb not included)
  • dimensions: 5 1/2"H x 4 1/2"diameter at base
  • recommended bulbs include: tulip, hyacinth

I love checking the bulbs progress on my own kitchen windowsill. You will find that each morning they seem bigger, as plants photosynthesize during the day and grow at night. Keep the vase filled with just enough water to touch the base of the bulb. Add water with a measuring cup, as needed.

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