Christmas Charades Game

Taking time to play a game together on Christmas makes the day even more fun and memorable! The Christmas Charades Game comes with 50 cards, with three charades per card (easy, intermediate, and advanced skill levels), so both young and old can join in the fun. A great game to have on hand for your own celebration! It would also be a wonderful, small gift to send to family or friends who are far away this Christmas, so you can share a little fun with them!

  • box set of 50 cards
  • three skill levels per card; each skill level is color-coded for easy identification
  • contains Christmas clues (for example: snowball, eggnog, Ebenezer Scrooge)
  • can be played in teams, or one person against the group
  • comes in a sturdy box
  • for ages 3 to 103

Some of the heartiest laughs we've shared on Christmas have come from playing charades. We whisper the charade to the littlest players, who can't yet read, and the hilarity that ensues from having them act it out has us in stitches. A delightful group game for one and all.

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