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Classic Picnic Basket

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I am beyond thrilled to have worked with Peterboro Baskets (est. 1854), based right here in New Hampshire, to design a perfectly classic and fabulously functional picnic basket! Ideal for a picnic for 4-6 people, this timelessly-styled basket will be part of a lifetime of picnicking memories. It's roomy, sturdy, and includes a removable, wooden tray in the bottom, which is a perfect place for storing picnic foods you don't want to crush. I like to think that a high-quality picnic basket is an investment in family memory making! Enjoy FREE shipping with this item!

  • made from Appalachian white ash (the same hardwood as baseball bats)
  • Baltic birch lid
  • classic, honey-colored finish
  • handwoven in New England
  • all hardware has been brass coated to help prevent rusting
  • dimensions: 18"L x 12"W x 10"H (not including handles)
  • made in the USA from 100% American made materials
  • Peterboro Baskets repairs aging baskets, should it ever need repair (limited lifetime warranty from Peterboro Baskets)

When I first approached Peterboro Baskets about their products, I knew exactly what I wanted in a picnic basket. Pulling from years of picnicking experience, I knew it had to be hold a good amount of picnic dishes and food, be sturdy enough to carry a load, and have a removable tray in the bottom. Absolutely thrilled that they could make it just to my specifications! It's the perfect picnic basket!

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