Glossy Flower Crock with Handles

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Ticking all the boxes for both practical and pleasing, this glossy, glazed flower crock will complement any decor. Large enough to hold a good quantity of flowers and tall stems, it's a real statement piece. But the chubby, little handles on the sides and the Cotswold stone color were the features that really won my heart with this piece. Very limited quantity.

  • glazed finish
  • will hold water
  • coloring and glazing vary from piece to piece
  • dimensions: 10 1/2"H x 8" diameter

Every time I come home from the grocery store, I grab a large crock, fill it with water, and plunk the flowers I purchase into it until I have time to arrange them. Often, I love how they look in the crock so much, that they simply get a trim and a bit of styling, and back into the crock they go. I've found that crocks are both beautiful and useful.

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