Green Enamelware Mug - 4 oz.

These green enamelware mugs are espresso cups really, but we've found they are perfect for children's size servings at autumn gatherings. Each one will hold just about 3/4 cup of mac-n-cheese. They'd also be perfect for child's size cups of hot chocolate or steaming apple cider. And kids find it delightful when they have cups that are just like the adult cups! Equally useful for cups of espresso at the cabin or on a picnic.

  • 4 oz. 
  • high quality enamelware
  • hunter green
  • hand wash

At our harvest party, we had a children's table where the kids were all able to eat together. The adult table was set with enamelware cups for spicy chili. And we served the kids mac-n-cheese in their own matching cups.

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