Hand Block Printed Gift Wrap Sheets - Concord

Wonderful Life Farm is thrilled to offer truly handmade wrapping paper this holiday season! These are not sheets printed from an original, handmade design, but are actually hand block printed by artisans using a centuries old technique. (It is thought to have its origins in China over 4,000 years ago.) The Concord design is three sheets of joyfully festive flowers in a twirling pattern of pink, red, and green. The block printing is done on 100% recycled cotton paper. By wrapping truly distinctive and stunning presents this Christmas season, you are also celebrating the artists who create them!

  • 3 sheets
  • hand block printed design on 100% recycled cotton paper
  • dimensions: 29.9"L x 19.7"W each
  • red, pink, and green on an ivory background
  • hand block printed in India
  • imported from England

While truly an international endeavor, I named all of the gift wrap sheets in the collection for places in New England whose Christmas splendor always has my heart. The block print pattern on these sheets reminded me of the joyful, flourishing community of Concord, Massachusetts...a literary hub of the 19th century. Its main streets are all abustle at Christmastime with shoppers gathering in sweets from the chocolate shop, hunks of cheese from the cheesemonger, and unique gifts from the antique stores. 

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