Natural Linen Heat Sack

A heat sack is one of the most comforting of personal comforts. Simply toss it into the microwave for two minutes (one minute for children) to warm it, and you have: a bed warmer, a compress for aching muscles, and the best headache reliever. A natural, personal, and cozy source of warmth on cold winter nights.

  • natural linen outer sack
  • grain-filled, flannel inner sack
  • approx. 17" x 8"
  • closes with three abalone shell buttons
  • machine wash outer sack; hang to dry; steam press 
  • do NOT heat for more than two minutes
  • PLEASE NOTE: This item is available for domestic (U.S.) shipping only.

In our home, we all have heat sacks, and we use them nearly every winter night. On chill nights, we heat them and tuck them next to us while we watch a movie. We take them to bed with us to warm the sheets before we get in bed. And then we scoot them to the foot of the bed to keep our feet warm while we drift off to sleep. I've found they will take away most of my sinus headaches by applying them to my head, face, or neck. Great for stiff muscles too. 

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