Natural Linen Kitchen Towel

An all-natural linen kitchen towel seems like a luxury, but this will be the best and hardest working towel in the drawer. Natural linen towels have excellent drying abilities and are lint-free. And nothing makes glassware sparkle like a natural linen tea towel! No streaks...just sparkle. And, oh the touch! I love the feel of the natural linen on my fingertips every time I reach for it. And the longer you use it, the softer it will become. Truly, practical and pleasing in every way.

  • 100% natural linen
  • dimensions: 26"L x 18"W
  • made in Lithuania (prized for its linen)
  • machine wash; tumble dry

If you have the time and inclination, ironing your linen tea towel will increase its luxurious feel. So worth it!


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