Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover with Hot Water Bottle

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Warmth and sleep are two of the best quiet, winter luxuries. Chase away all the chills every winter night by tucking in with this sheepskin hot water bottle cover. The sheepskin provides a natural insulation to the interior hot water bottle and will keep the water inside warm all the way through the night. Snuggle up to it as you drift off to sleep and wake up to its warm and comforting presence. The ultimate in indulgent, winter luxury.

  • 100% sheepskin cover; dark taupe color
  • 2 L rubber hot water bottle
  • made in the UK
  • dimensions: 15 1/2"L x 9"W

I have had one of these for years, and absolutely adore mine! I heat water to almost boiling about 9 p.m., fill the hot water bottle and cap it tightly, and I place it in my lap or next to me while I watch a movie or read until bedtime. Then I place it under the cover at the foot of our bed, between my husband and I. Throughout the night, if we have cold feet, we just have to snuggle our feet on the hot water bottle. And in the morning, it's still toasty warm. The best thing ever!

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