Small Cork Trivet

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Comfort food hot from the oven is one of autumn and winter's best pleasures. By using a small, cork trivet, you can protect your dishware from a hot, cast iron dish. Conveniently-sized to fit beneath the Mini Cast Iron Dish (sold separately), it enables you to take your cast iron from oven to table on a plate without damage.

  • 100% natural cork (a sustainable product)
  • sold individually
  • dimensions: 4" diameter x 2/5" thick

I always love it when I'm served an entrée in a cast iron dish...chicken pot pie, lasagna, and more. It always feel like someone cared just a bit more to bring it to me piping hot and to make sure it stays that way while I'm eating. I'm happy to have solved the problem of protecting my dishes with these cork trivets.

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