Summer Bucket List Kit for Kids/Families

Create the best summer memories with intention this summer! This summer bucket list kit is designed for kids/families. The kit includes: an envelope filled with 40 blank, colorful tags (each with an attached piece of twine), a length of nautical roping, and a suggestion sheet of 50+ bucket list suggestions for a whole summer of fun! Brainstorm your own ideas, or take some from the list. The list includes: free ideas, outing ideas, foods and drink, ideas to stimulate their mind and grow skills, classic summer fun ideas, and so much more. After you've written on the tags, hang them from the nautical roping and string across a window, a doorway, or a bulletin board. Remove the tags one by one, as you make priceless, summer memories! (Adult Summer Bucket List sold separately.)

  • one set: 40 blank tags with twine, 6' of roping, bucket list suggestions, envelope
  • colorful, fun, summery colored tags

Don't let one moment of summer memories and fun escape by being intentional this year! A great activity to do as a family!

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