Vintage Glass Cocktail Stir Sticks - Autumn Colors - Set of 6

Dress up your cocktail game for the cozy months of the year with these vintage, glass cocktail stir sticks. I love the old-school swag that a glass stir stick gives to a cocktail glass. This set of six stir sticks come in autumnal colors...amber, brown, and olive green.

  • set of 6
  • glass
  • colors are as follows: 3 amber, 2 olive green, 1 chocolate brown
  • dimensions: 6"L
  • vintage: excellent condition
  • hand wash

When I was a small child, I remember being fascinated by a collection of glass cocktail stirrers that my aunt and uncle kept on a bar cart. I was allowed to touch them, if I was careful. And the memory of fingering something made of glass at a young age has stuck with me all these years and just made me enamored with glass stir sticks.

I love wandering the scenic back roads of New England and searching for treasures at antique shops along the way. All vintage/antique offerings in Wonderful Life Farm are high quality, and have to meet my standards for antiques...beautiful AND usable. Each piece comes with a little tag attached telling you a bit about the piece and how I came to find it, because every piece has a story.

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