Classic Glass and Wicker Vase

This classic, glass and wicker vase is one of my favorites. The romantic look of this vase pairs well with bountiful bouquets of: tulips, hydrangeas, peonies, or summer's wildflowers in it. It has a swinging handle which folds down against the front (or back) of the vase. A classic vase to enjoy from one season to the next and leave lingering memories of a home filled with beauty and life.

  • glass vase enclosed in wicker (vase not removeable)
  • hinged handle
  • dimensions: 8"H x 7" in diameter (13"H with handle upright)
  • (flowers not included)

Wicker vases are my go-to vase for flower arrangements from spring to autumn. Cleaning tip: I avoid getting the wicker wet, as much as possible. I pour water out of the vase quickly and dab up any running down. I hand wash the vase with dish soap and a paper towel.

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